Monday, January 15, 2018

Odds and Ends: A Picture in a Frame
A unique view of Powell Street on a foggy, misty morning in the Bay Area.  Alcatraz (left) and Coit Tower (right) loom in the distance.  San Francisco, California.  Copyright © 2013 Felix Choo / dingobear photography.  Picture is available for sale as prints and wall art at Fine Art America. Picture is available for licensing at Alamy Images. Photo may not be reproduced without permission. 

Warning: there isn't really much convertible debentures content at all in this post.  (Please forgive me, but I'm currently targeting an update to the Peanut Convertible Debentures Power Rankings for this coming weekend).

Instead, today I want to mostly talk about photography.  You'll already know this if you've been over to our About + FAQs page, but in addition to being a CFA charterholder and an avid blogger on Canadian convertible debentures, I'm also, by trade, a photographer for various editorial and commercial markets.  Usually, my photos are sold direct to publishers and editors, or via Alamy Images, the agency that represents my work. 

However, in this New Year of 2018, I thought I'd try something a little different and make some of my images directly available for sale as prints through Fine Art America (FAA).  Please click here to view my still-under construction (but functional!) gallery at FAA if all of the profits you are making from investing in convertible debentures are burning a hole in your pocket, and you just also happen to be looking for something new to hang up on your wall, or just can't find that perfect gift for that someone who already has everything!   

Ok, shameless self-promotion over.  Now let's get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Heads-up: the Bank of Canada announcement for its benchmark target overnight rate is scheduled for Wednesday, January 17.  The general consensus on Bay Street is that Governor Poloz, Deputy Governor Wilkins, and the gang will hike the rate an additional 25 basis points as the economic data that's been rolling in as of late indicates that the economy is firing on a lot of cylinders.

You'll recall in our last update that we fearlessly surmised that the Bank of Canada would raise rates somewhat less than consensus in 2018 by tightening the spigots only one or two times.  I'm going to stick with that prediction for now but I also want to clarify that I meant the central bank would raise rates one or two net times.  If (when?) our friends south of the border decide to blow up NAFTA, I suspect our Canadian central bankers won't hesitate at all to cut rates quickly to release any stresses that that result from the fallout.

'Til our next update, happy investing.

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